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It's that Christmasy time of year again.

A year ago on this day, I had been home from hospital for ten days and I was regally installed in a Laz-E-Boy recliner in my living room, where I would remain for at least the next complete month before I dared to venture beyond my primary comfort zone...

More On Book Titles...


It occurred to me yesterday, thinking about what I said in my last entry here, that I can illustrate the kind of situation that authors and publishers encounter all the time, when it comes to the names and titles of books.


Book Titles . . . Argh!

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

Exercising privilege: Blogs, Tweets and Podcasts

Today marks the three-months-to-the-day date since I went “under the knife” to remove a tumour from the upper lobe of my left lung on November 30th last year. Hallelujah! Three months down and I’m feeling better—stronger, healthier and more optimistic—every day.


It's Been A While, but I'm Back...

Can you say, “Impaired Immunity Responses”? I can, because I’ve had some, these last few weeks and I’ve heard them described and defined enough times to clarify their meaning and their pronunciation…

It's not what you say that counts...

I’ve been playing around with an announcement for some time now, and finding it to be one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever had to face, not because it’s that earth-shaking on its own, but simply because of the underlying shades of meaning and consequence that go along with it.

Camulod Goes to Britain: Part Two

Here's what's in my mind:  I ended the first part of this long update by saying that the UK publisher, Sphere, is now going to rename the series yet again, this time to “Legends of Camelot”, shaping it to current British tastes and sensibilities, and that the British marketing drive will start wi

Camulod Goes to Britain: Part One

There’s an eight-hour time difference between London and British Columbia, and that makes it inconveniently difficult to pick up the phone and make a spontaneous call, in either direction, during business hours.

Does anyone here read/write/speak Brazilian Portuguese?

That's not a silly question, nor is it an idle one.

UPDATE on U.K. status of things to come...

I posted much of this earlier on the Jack Whyte Facebook Group page, and while I didn't intend to get into it there quite as deeply as I eventually did, once I started to roll with it, the piece kinda wrote itself and so I decided to cut and paste it into a Blog entry here, which it should have b


Jack in the News!
  • The Globe and Mail 1/2/2105
    Author Jack Whyte on why he wrote his new book, the best advice he’s received and more
  • Edmonton Journal 12/5/2014
    Book review: Engrossing Jack Whyte trilogy culminates in battle
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