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Masonic Interview

This is an interview I recorded in the late autumn of 2010, when I was a guest of the Grand Lodge of Ontario at their headquarters in London, Ontario...


Writing: On Characters

Sometimes I get excited about my work...


About Writing "Description"

I hear so many people today talking tripe about the need to avoid long, detailed description that "gets in the way of the story." It's a no-brainer that anything that is clunky, awkward and badly crafted is going to get in the way of any story... That's why good authors work so hard at their craft to avoid such things. But the people who say--or even imply--that writers (and especially young writers) should take care to avoid being too descriptive have been watching too many movies and WAY too much TV.



Breaking News

On the eve of the vote for Scottish independence, Gobal Okanagan TV caught up with Jack on his home golf course.

Surrey Writers

The International Surrey Writers Conference is coming up October 24-26, 2014 in Surrey, BC, Canada. Last year, members of the Forum here lead by user andersm presented to Jack the items pictured including a leather bound collection of stories from readers about Jack and his work.

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