The Big FIVE-OH!

At twenty one we know it all,
We’re new, we’re neat, we’re nifty!
We never think of time at all
And can’t imagine fifty…

At thirty one we’re still brand new,
Living from day to day,
We’ve deals to make and things to do
And fifty’s miles away.

By thirty five we’re in our prime,
Immune to doubts and fears;
Potent, productive, with no time
To check the flitting years.

At thirty nine we hesitate
And check the looking glass;
Gray hairs! Still, kid, you’re looking great
But, God! How time goes past!

At forty five we stand apart,
Beside Time’s swirling river,
Wishing we had some magic art
To keep us there forever,

But forty six and forty seven
Come, even ‘though we’re thrifty
By now with every hour we’re given
And, suddenly, we’re fifty!

So, buddy, stay light on your feet!
The sands of time are shifty.
But smile, relax – ’cause life is sweet
And shit, you’re only fifty!