Arthurian Timeline

Indicates Jack’s Fiction

Date Event
-10000/1/1 First recorded history – Sumeria
-323/1/1 Alexander dies and the Celts push into Macedonia
-100/1/1 Caius Juluis Caesar born
-55/1/1 Julius Caesar lands in Britain with 2 legions and half of Roman Cavalry, not enough troops to subjugate Britain
-44/1/1 Julius Caesar is stabbed to death behind a theatre.
-30/1/1 Conor Mac Nessa is King of Ulster
-4/1/1 Estimated birth of Christ
9/1/1 Arminius (Hermann the Cheruscan) obliterates three legions under Quintilius Varus in Germany’s Teutoberger Forest
30/4/7 Jesus of Nazareth executed by Pontius Pilate
38/1/1 Caligula parades Celtic captives through Rome.
43/1/1 Emporer Claudius dispatches troops to conquer Britain
49/1/1 Colonia of Camulodonum (Colchester) founded. And Roman expansion starts into Wales
60/0/0 Boudican Revolt. Boudica, Queen of the Iceni, burns Colchester (Camulodunum), Londinium, and Verulamium. Boudica was defeated in battle by Suetonius on Watling Street, with massive (18,000)
64/1/1 Emperor Nero begins persecution of Christions and Jews
66/1/1 One legion (XIV Gemina) withdrawn from Britain.
82/1/1 The military governor of Britain, Julius Agricola, presses North to face the last free British Celtic Army.
98/1/1 Roman Empire attains largest geographical extent under Emperor Trajan
122/1/1 Legio IX Hispana replaced by VI Victrix.
123/1/1 Construction of Hadrian’s Wall begins
165/1/1 Plague brought by returning armies spreads across Roman Empire and continues for decades
313/1/1 Edict of Milan grants toleration to the Christian Church.
331/1/1 Seat of Roman Empire moved to Constantinople (formally Byzantium)
360/1/1 Huns invade Europe
361/1/1 Publius Varrus 18 years old; rescued by Caius on the eastern border of the empire
364/1/1 Valentinian and Valens become joint emperors
365/1/1 Publius Varrus saves Caius Brittanicus from the Berbers in Africa
367/10/1 Publius Varrus wounded in the groin during Invasion
369/1/1 Count Theodosius, sent by Valentinian I, clears Britain of invaders and restores the Wall.
375/1/1 Death of Valentinian; Gratian becomes co-emperor with Valens
376/1/1 The Roman legions suffer their first major defeat at the Battle of Adrianople
378/4/1 Caius Brittanicus is appointed Proconsul of Numidia
378/6/1 Caius visits Publius in Colchester, mentioning the Bagaudae of Gaul and his own plans for a similar community outside Aquae Sulis
378/9/1 Caius Britannicus’s wife, Heraclita, and his three youngest children are lost to pestilence in Africa
379/1/1 Theodosius becomes co-emperor with Gratian
382/7/1 Varrus mutilates Claudius Seneca and leaves Colchester soon after
383/10/ Varrus brings home the skystones from the Mendip Hills
384/7/1 Caius and Publius begin training the Colonists formally in the art of soldiering
386/1/1 Magnus Maximus invades Italy and is executed by Theodosius
386/12/1 Colony strongly established, with 600 soldiers
387/9/1 Ullic Pendragon and Caius Brittanicus cement an alliance at Stonehenge
388/1/1 Maximus defeated at Aquileia by Theodosius.
389/3/17 St. Patrick born in Ireland
390/3/1 Varrus sculpts Coventina, “The Lady of the Lake”
391/12/1 The Colony has a private army of 1000 men
392/1/1 Death of Valentinian II/christianity becomes offical law of rome
394/7/1 Saxon and Frankish raiders hit estuary to the north of Camulod
395/1/1 Death of Emperor Theodosius, who divides the Roman Empire between Arcadius (and Rufius) in the East, and Honorius (and Stilicho) in the West
396/1/1 Claudius Seneca takes Varrus to Londinium; Stilicho exonerates Varrus and sends Seneca to Hadrian’s Wall for frontier duty
397/1/1 Roman commander, Stilicho, comes to Britain and repels an attack by Picts, Irish and Saxons
399/1/1 First meeting of the Round Council in Camulod, after Vegetius Sulla’s villa is pillaged by Franks
400/1/1 Doctrine of Grace contested by Pelagius
401/1/1 Merlyn Britannicus born
401/1/1 Innocent I becomes bishop of Rome, and, like Damasus I (366-384), is a staunch defender of Rome’s primacy
401/1/1 Caius Britannicus, founder of Camulod, dies of stab wounds.
401/1/1 Uther Pendragon born(within 1 hour of Merlyn)
406/1/1 Constantine III, a usurper, strips Britain of troops for his conquest of Gaul and Spain.
407/1/1 The Romans evacuate Britain to defend the motherland
408/1/1 Stilicho is framed for trying to usurp the imperial throne and executed by Honorius
409/9/1 Uther and Merlyn attacked 20 miles from Camulod ( Eagles Brood Ch.2)
410/1/1 Varrus 67 years old; he begins writing the accounts described in “The Skystone” and “The Singing Sword”
410/1/1 Visigoths sack Rome after 700 years of war
412/1/1 Augustine writes “On the Spirit and the Letter”, condemning Pelagius’ views
418/1/1 Pelagian heresy outlawed in Rome
419/1/1 Death of Publius Varrus
424/1/1 King Athol’s Scots begin gradually migrating to Caledonia
426/1/1 Uther and Merlyn find Cassandra while on a raid
426/1/1 A few months after Cassandra is secluded in Avalon, Prince Donuil of Eire is taken as an honorable hostage by Merlyn
426/1/1 Donuil helps Merlyn rescue Luceiia from the warlocks Caspar and Memnon; Picus’ funeral pyre
427/1/1 Loegaire crowned first king of Tara in Ireland.
428/1/1 Pelagius dies in the Holy Lands
429/1/1 Pelagius is declared a heretic at the First Verulamium Council
429/8/1 Death of Cassandra; Merlyn, returning from the Verulamium Council, gets amnesia for 2 years
430/8/1 Augustine dies in Hippo
431/4/1 Arthur Pendragon born at Tintagel
431/8/1 Merlyn bans the Farmers and Artisans from the Round Council
431/12/1 Camulod experiences its most harsh winter ever; death of Luceiia
432/3/1 Merlyn cements an alliance with Dergyll ap Griffyd and sends Dedalus and 4 squadrons to patrol lower CambriaAzrylar Izarius of the Durmanhoth invades the Kingdom of Erebor under the reign of Azhagzhur the Cruel.
438/7/1 Merlyn and Ambrose visit the Saxon Shore and meet Vortigern and Hengist
439/3/1 Merlyn realizes he has contracted leprosy.
439/9/1 Merlyn and the Secret Colony of 18 people arrive in Ravenglass
440/1/1 Leo I becomes bishop of Rome, claiming unprecedented authority as the Supreme Head of all Christendom; he becomes the first “real” pope
441/1/1 The two practice skystone swords arrive in Mediobogdum
441/1/1 First Saxon revolt in British Isles c. 441/442
443/1/1 Camulod builds a school, and the monastics from Glastonbury Tor begin teaching the children in fall and winter seasons
444/1/1 The Children of Garn finish conquering Athol’s kingdom; all of Athol’s people now settled on the coastal islands of Caledonia
445/1/1 **Camulod reaches its prime, with a fighting force of 9000**
445/1/1 Emperor Valentinian III issues an edict affirming the supremacy of Rome
446/3/1 Merlyn abandons Mediobogdum, returning to Camulod
446/8/1 The Camulodians and the Pendragon defeat the forces of Ironhair and Carthac in Cambria; Huw Strongarm becomes the first War Chief of the Pendragon since Ullics
447/1/1 Second Verulamium Council condemning Pelagius’ teachings
447/3/1 Vortigern slain by Horsa
447/6/1 Death of Tressa; Meryln becomes “The Sorcerer”
448/1/1 Death of St. Germanus in Ravenna
449/4/1 18 year-old Arthur crowned as the Riothamus, High Chief and Spiritual King of the Britons
455/1/1 Sack of Rome by Vandals
457/1/1 Death of Vortigern
470/1/1 Death of the Riothamus (Briton High King) in Gaul
470/1/1 Huns leave Europe
476/1/1 Roman Empire in the west falls as various “barbarian” kingdoms are established
480/1/1 In the 480’s, the venerable Meryln Brittanicus begins writing the accounts described in “The Eagles’ Brood”, “The Saxon Shore”, “The Fort at River’s Bend”, and “Sorcerer: Metamorphosis”
489/1/1 Death of Saint Patrick
529/1/1 Justinian closes Plato’s Academy as pagan
530/1/1 The British monk Gildas writes “Concerning the Ruin of Britain”, in which he describes Vortigern’s pact with the Saxons, various Briton-Saxon battles, and Ambrosius Aurelianus
542/1/1 Traditional date of Arthur Pendragon’s death (assigned by Geoffrey of Monmouth)
594/1/1 End of plague which began in 542 and “halved” the population of Europe!
663/1/1 Council of Whitby, Northumbiran King Oswy supports Roman church
732/1/1 Battle of Tours: Charles Martel defeated Saracen invadres, cheching the advance of Islam into Europe
742/4/2 Birth of Emperor Charlemagne (Latin: Carolus Magnus meaning Charles the Great) in Aix-la-Chapelle, now Aachen, Germany, king of the Franks 768AD – 814AD.
800/1/1 Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
810/1/1 The Welshman Nennius writes “History of the Britons”, in which he describes Vortigern, Hengist & Horsa, Ambrosius, and King Arthur & his 12 battles
814/1/28 Death of Emperor Charlemagne (Latin: Carolus Magnus meaning Charles the Great) in Aix-la-Chapelle, now Aachen, Germany, king of the Franks 768AD – 814AD.
1136/1/1 Geoffrey of Monmouth finishes writing “History of the Kings of Britain”, the first “complete” biography of King Arthur: Uther, Ygraine, Gorlois, Bedivere, Kay, Gawain, Gareth, Guinevere,
Mordred, Excalibur, Morgan le Fay, and Avalon are introduced.
1155/1/1 Wace completes “The Romance of Brutus”. He introduces the Round Table into the Arthurian drama.
1180/1/1 Chretien de Troyes completes his 5-volume Arthurian saga, in which he introduces new characters, places, and themes: Perceval, Lancelot du Lac, Camelot, the Fisher King, the Grail, and the Bleeding Lance
1195/1/1 Robert de Boron completes his Arthurian trilogy. He introduces the legend of the Sword in the Stone.
1235/1/1 The anonymous 5-volume “Vulgate Cycle” is completed. Galahad is introduced into the Arthurian legend.
1977/1/1 Jack Whyte writes the first version of the “Skystone” poem
1992/1/1 First edition of Jack Whyte’s novel “The Skystone” published in Canada
1999/3/17 Timeline launched on the web site
1999/10/20 Timeline editing tools completed
2000/7/29 Uther editing completed by Jack