How many books have you written altogether?

…and how many of those are Canadian, as opposed to American?

That’s one of the questions I am asked most frequently, and it is one that I sometimes despair of answering intelligibly. So let me tackle it in slices:

To this point, in September, 2011, I have published a total of thirteen novels, but I have a fourteenth “in gestation” and a fifteenth under research. The first nine novels were a sequential progression that dealt with the Arthurian legend, providing a feasible, non-magical explanation of how the original elements of the legend could have come into existence. All of them were based in 5th-Century, post-Roman Britain. I followed that series with a trio of novels dealing with the rise and fall of the medieval Order of the Knights Templar and spanning the 200-year period between the end of the 11th Century and the turn of the 14th Century. And 2010 saw the release of The Forest Laird”, the first book of an entirely new trilogy, entitled “The Guardians” and set in 14th-Century Scotland during the Scottish Wars of Independence. The second book in the series, Renegade of these books, is scheduled for publication in August/September, 2012, and the third, currently nameless, will probably be released the following year, in 2013.

A few of the books have different titles in the USA and Canada. Those are listed below:

Canada:         The Sorcerer, Volume 1; The Fort at River’s Bend;
USA:               The Fort At River’s Bend;

Canada:         The Sorcerer, Volume II; Metamorphosis;
USA:               The Sorcerer, Metamorphosis;

Canada:         Clothar the Frank;
USA                The Lance Thrower.