Is that an “Oops”, or isn’t it?

Apparently my musings on the connection between William Wallace in "The Forest Laird" and the possibility that he might have served as an archetype for the legendary Robin Hood have set the cat loose among some highly flustered pigeons. It's certainly attracting attention in the UK, despite the fact that the novel has not yet been published over there. It is available as a downloadable e-Book, though, and that, it seems is how the word got out in the Auld Country.

I remember remarking early on, shortly after I had begun writing the book, that I was slightly apprehensive about the possible effect–providing that I did my work properly and conscientiously–that the story, and my treatment of the man, might offend the sensibilities of some of of my more conservative compatriots whose beliefs and perceptions of Scotland's national hero had been indelibly influenced by the last five hundred years of myth building and emerging ideas of Scottish nationalism. Had I but known it, that was to be the least of my worries, because as my research continued and the story developed, I was to end up running the risk of seriously offending every Englishman who has ever been enamoured of England's own great legendary folk hero, Robin Hood . . . by suggesting that the fellow had actually been a damned Scotchman!

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from a reporter at The Scotsman newspaper, who wanted to interview me about my theories, and the story ran last weekend in the Weekend Magazine section. Apparently it has caused quite a stir, and I'm attaching a link to the article:

This morning, I received another interview request, this time from a Canadian reporter at, wanting to know what I had to say about "all the fuss" I had stirred up in the UK. Slightly mystified, I agreed to be interviewed, and the resultant story (from which I have shamelessly borrowed the featured publicity stills, courtesy of Handout, the Vancouver Sun) arrived in my Inbox this evening, at the following link:

I haven't got anything else to add, so I'll stop and wait to see what comes up next.