Victoriana, anyone?

This is just a brief snippet, an afterthought prompted by a memo I just received about an upcoming event in Toronto within the next few months…

I've been collaborating for the past few years with a couple of fellows on the writing of a Musical. Their names are Tory Doctor, who is the Librettist (he's the guy who writes the actual "book" of the show), whereas Dave Zabriskie, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is the Composer and I am the Lyricist, which is a real buzz for me, because all I have to do is come up with words for the songs the other two guys would like to see and hear in the show.

Tory, our main man, is from Calgary, and he's a full-time professional actor, so the three of us don't often get together, but we did manage to foregather for a "workshop" presentation of the show in Calgary last year, and that was a smashing success… And now there's another workshopping performance coming up one of these days in Toronto, at a theatre there.

The Musical is about the victims of Jack the Ripper in the Whitechapel murders he committed back in the 1890s. Our show was originally called "Whitechapel" until we discovered there's been another "Whitechapel" musical out there for a few years that has nothing at all to do with Jack the Ripper. We decided to rename the show, after that, and it is now called "The Fallen–A Tale of Jack the Ripper." If anyone out there would like to hear and learn more about this little venture, let me know, and if there's enough interest I might set a page aside for that piece and arrange a link to let my collaborators chip in bits and piece of their input from time to time. We already have some nice little musical excerpts, and we're going to have a lot more any day now… Jack