E-Books and Audio Books


An update here, for people interested in knowing What's What with the new e-Media and the status of the various editions…


Several American subscribers to this website have been wondering what happened to the E-book version of THE EAGLE, which is missing from the available lineup on Amazon et al… Turns out to be a paperwork issue . . . a minor error of omission on the part of the MacMillan Digital department, where THE EAGLE was listed under a separate, more "modern" contract entailing those rights and permissions. It has been noted and is being acted upon, so THE EAGLE will be added to the list of available E-book titles in the USA very soon now.


The Canadian situation is lightly different, since the current US rights are confined to MacMillan Books and their US Territories and that has meant the E-books of  A DREAM OF EAGLES (AKA The Camulod Chronicles) have not been available for purchase in Canada… That, too, is being changed (quickly) and the Canadian versions, from Penguin Books, Canada, will soon be fully available for purchase and download in the Great White North. Look for them on Amazon.ca very soon now.


The audio rights to the entire nine-novel series of the Arthurian (Camulod) novels have recently been acquired by Audible.com, who are generally recognized as being the best in the audio-book business, and I have it on good authority from the editorial/production department there that they are aiming to have the entire series recorded, produced and available for download by the end of January, 2013. That, of course, is barring Acts of God and unforeseen disasters… No news yet on who will be doing the readings, though the Audible people have been considerate and courteous enough to ask me for my opinions on the "type" of treatment the books should receive. More information on that topic to follow as soon as I receive it.


On other fronts, the scheduled US publication date for the second novel in the GUARDIANS opus, recently issued as THE RENEGADE here in Canada, is August, 2013. I have no information yet on the projected pub. date for the UK's Sphere Books edition, but I anticipate it should be around the same time. Again, I'll pass that on here when I get it.