American Reviews…

It takes a while, sometimes, for information to flow through to Canada from our neighbour to the South, and so I didn't receive any input from my US publisher until today about the American reception of THE FOREST LAIRD down there.


Feels a bit like tooting my own horn . . . and of course it absolutely is . . . but there were a couple of review snippets that pleased me and so I decided to post them here:


 “Whyte has produced a smart, no-nonsense work of historical fiction that will appeal to Scottish history buffs, readers of authors like Bernard Cornwell, and fans of Whyte’s Arthurian and Templar novels.”—Publishers Weekly

“Whyte traces the life, development, and awesomeness of William Wallace who was one of the main dudes leading 13th-century Scotland’s independence movement. So why should dudes read it? There’s brotherhood, patriotism, and political intrigue. And archery. Plus there’s just enough Scottish dialect to leave a hint of haggis.”—Library Journal