It’s Out!

Today is the Official Release Date in Canada for Knights of the Black and White, but driving past my favourite local bookstore yesterday I saw an entire window display, a day early! That’s not a complaint, because I stopped and went inside and ended up signing about twenty copies, so we’re off to a flying start here in my home town, where the Bible tells us a prophet is never respected…

Heard today from both publishers, Penguin Canada and Putnam US, that each has sent off a shipment of books to be signed awarded as prizes on the site… Still don’t know how many copies are involved, but there should be at least half a dozen, and perhaps as many as ten copies of each edition, so if you’d like to win one but haven’t registered yet, now’s the time to sign up, because that’s the criterion governing eligibility to win one.

The format of the competition will be announced here shortly.