Knights of the Black and White is scheduled to appear on bookshelves throughout Canada and the USA within the first two weeks of August, the official release dates being August 1st and August 8th respectively, and the publishers in both countries–Viking Penguin in Canada and Putnam Penguin in the U.S.–have offered a number of promotional copies to be signed by me and distributed through this site as prizes in a competition, details of which will be announced here within the coming week, so keep your eyes peeled…

Unfortunately, because of the limited number of books available, (it looks like six or eight in each country at this time) eligibility for entry to the contest will be limited to the 1500+ Registered Users of the site.

For those of you reading this who are groaning right now because you are not Registered Users, that is not necessarily the kiss of death. The moment you register your name as a bona fide site user, you’ll automatically gain entitlement to enter, and the registration process itself is simple and straightforward… We won’t try to sell you anything (other than my books, available at bookstores everywhere) and we won’t give out your registration information to anyone else. What we might do, down the road, is email you directly from time to time with announcements about such things as national media appearances and Web interviews that we think you might like to hear about directly.

Keep your eyes on the site for upcoming information on how to enter the contest, and check the Calendar section from time to time for information on when and where I’m being scheduled to appear in the next few months, along with contact information for the various event organizers.