UPDATE on U.K. status of things to come…

I posted much of this earlier on the Jack Whyte Facebook Group page, and while I didn't intend to get into it there quite as deeply as I eventually did, once I started to roll with it, the piece kinda wrote itself and so I decided to cut and paste it into a Blog entry here, which it should have been in the first place. I'm not sure, though, how far the "bounce" effect will carry it–into other places–so if you find yourself reading it again elsewhere, in a slightly altered version, please make allowances for my confusion.


The explanation–part of an ongoing response to readers' questions–sprang from a need to respond, as promised, to developments in communication with the people at Sphere Books, who will soon be publishing my original series over there in a genuine First British Edition of the nine "Camulod/Dream of Eagles" novels… I've spoken now with the gentleman who has replaced my original editor, and he assures me that everything is proceeding as planned for the projected British release of the books in both electronic and print formats.


He tells me (and I'll take him at his word, since I've been gone from the UK marketplace for a very long time now) that e-Book sales are very rapidly outstripping traditional paperback sales over there, and that reality is reflected in Sphere's decision to release the Arthurian series sequentially as e-Books over a series of months, with print editions following quickly, all leading up to the print release of the second "Bravehearts Chronicle" book, RENEGADE, in Britain in January, 2014. Even REBEL, the first of that series which is already out there in e-Book format, will be re-released towards the end of 2013 with "a new look."

So the bottom line appears to be that between May, 2013 and January, 2014, I will have 11 "new" titles available, in both print and e-Book editions, from Sphere Books in Britain–the nine Arthurian novels and the first two Bravehearts Chronicle books…
On another front, of course, the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR trilogy is still (presumably) available in the UK, published (but hardly marketed with enthusiasm) by HarperCollins. I can only assume those books are available in e-Book format, too, since I never receive ANY form of communication from that source and I've given up trying to reach them.
It would appear, then, that my frustrated, would-be followers in the United Kingdom, including my own siblings and their extensive families over there, will have lots of calls made on their discretionary literary funds in the course of the next year or so. That makes be feel good. I'll be reporting on additional details as I go along in the coming months.